• The Brand new Millennial Sports
    Education Company

    Focusing on training Primary and Secondary school students with the aid of technology, and make them learn and understand sports in unique dimension.

  • For the Stronger, Healthier and
    Dynamic future generation

    We commence in the mission to create a healthy future generation, from the proletarian level, to make them endorse sports education.

  • Age appropriate curriculum pore
    on the Sports education

    Audio and video based curriculum concentrating on the demographic factors of the kids. Teaching the tactics and techniques for their respective age.

  • Fitness Report Card, Periodically
    accessed by parents and students.

    FRC, an International sports and fitness program customized for Indian Students. Showing the health statistics of our kid.

Our Stand Point

In a nation, where the total population is massive and covered up with academicians.
In the midst of conviction we say sport talents grow up when mandatory sports education
bestowed to all. Our mission is under-pinned by our pride "SMARTSPORTS" visual aid for the
students to grasp the core value of sports.

Our Core Values


We believe healthy lifestyle is the
key to leading a fulfilling life


We believe a sport is
integral part of life


We believe in sports and not in
physical exercise to augment fitness


We believe that collaborating with schools is the best way to spread healthiness.


We believe that excellence across our value chain paves way for success


Gauge for performance parameter
Fitness Report Card